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New partnership - Huddersfield University

Drums & Bass - For tomorrow's rhythm section

Grooves for Guitar

Percussive Arts Society (PAS) featured publication

Percussive Notes - Review March 13

Percussive Arts Society (PAS) - 

Bass Music Magazine Review

Concept - Drums and Bass - for tomorrow's rhythm section

Bass players, find a drummer, and stop working on that book by yourself in your bedroom. …

World Within Yorkshire 2012 

Oakwell Hall didn't know what was happening. Then they got that Brazilian spirit!!!

PapaJaca 2012 The sounds of Brazil, with a twist!!

PapaJaca 2012 The sounds of Brazil, via Kingston!!

PapaJaca 2012, Norwich

New partnership - Coda Rhythms

I have recently filmed some drum tutorials for Coda Rhythms.

To check them out click here 

Book 2

Work is already well underway for a second collection of performance and recital material for Drummers, Bassists, and Guitarist. A sneek preview is only a click away.