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Drums & Bass - For tomorrow's rhythm section

Grooves for Guitar

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Here's what performers and students think. 

"great range of styles"

"features some tasteful and unexpected groove ideas" - Dominic Turton, graduate student

"deceptively challenging, but enjoyable"

"helps to make you a more secure musician" Catherine Walker, professional musician, educator

Concept - Drums and Bass - for tomorrow's rhythm section

As a student I have found these pieces to be the perfect repertoire for both practice and performance. The wide range of styles covered means I have become comfortable and versatile in a number of musical scenarios. With each piece there are highly detailed and intricate elements, that are both challenging yet fun to learn, but these are contrasted by very open sections, leaving space for me to explore my own style and interpretation of the music, whilst within a classic pop song structure. The rhythm and grooves used are much more interesting than standard pop repertoire as they are based on concepts, such as independence, flexibility, interlock, tension, release and dynamics, that help develop a professional approach to performance. By performing along with a rhythm section I can explore the rhythmic interplay between instruments in a much more real-world scenario whilst learning to maintain consistency as the textures and energy of each piece develop.

 The scope of this repertoire is limited only by the performers abilities and desire to develop and explore the material. It is the perfect balance of structure, freedom, dynamics, textures, groove, interlock and variation that any student requires to become a confident accompanying and solo performer in a rhythm section.

Sam Craggs - Final year Music Technology and Popular Music Ba(Hons) student at The University of Huddersfield