Concept - Drums and Bass - for tomorrow's rhythm section


Performance and recital repertoire for Drums and Bass 

C’s a Crowd - Folk with a Twist

This is ostensibly a tune from the folk genre while employing some modern day rhythmic elements. For the drums the ghosting here, along with the open hi-hats are key elements to the groove, while for the bass, chords mixed with a linear line provide the performer with the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of textures, as well as a sense of independence to the bass line. A sense of freedom with beat one, combined with attention to the counterpoint in the strings, allows scope for rhythmic interpretation.

Douper Souper - Township/Funk

This is an Afro -Pop dance tune, which generally focuses on groove consistency and groove development. Both parts include some technical aspects, which add interest and tension while remaining fluid, and flexibility with the rhythmic phrase and time -flow present opportunities for individualistic creativity.

Move the Groove - Latino Funk/Fusion

Starting with its latinesque intro this groove is relaxed and yet develops to have a more edgy feel using rhythmic displacement. The C-section for the bass requires a strong sense of individual time-flow while the D section provides the opportunity for the performer to express a sense of Individuality, within a given structure. The juxtaposition and displacement of the drums throughout which increases in sections C+D creates a platform for exciting rhythmic interplay.

Cubism - Afro/Jazz

The relaxed groove here continues throughout with a laid back feel coupled with elements of energy and tension. For both instruments the groove develops, while maintaining the original feel and both play a supporting role to the lead instrument. The drum solo continues a supporting and accompanying role, which is informed by the guitar solo, while the bass gets a little more soloistic freedom.

Marli’s March - New Orleans/fusion

This is a New Orleans March style piece, which develops, encompassing Latin/fusion elements. A sense of fluidity is the goal here in order to provide the necessary sense of momentum and development.

Bacon & Sausage – Slap Funk

A classic slap and pop style piece, which gradually unfolds and develops to create rhythmic yet melodic grooves. An on going sense of impetus with a driving feel will release the energy within this piece.

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